Fiesta Red Moss Jasper Slab for Lapidary



Fiesta jasper comes from our claim in the the Oregon, McDermitt caldera.

This is a moss JASPER, not agate. Very little light can pass through this rock and only in tiny areas.

This is a highly silicated jasper that cuts and shines beautifully.

The small cracks that you see have been naturally healed with white, chalcedony.
There are a few tiny pits that are pin sized and I believe, shallow.
The photos taken at an angle show you the surface imperfections best.
They should not affect the choice of shaping.

Measurements are approximate:

4.5 x 3.5 x .25 inches
Mohs 6.5

The first two photos are taken while the rock is wet to emulate the color after polishing. The rest of the photos are taken dry.

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