Moss Agate Slab Red and Yellow with Fortification

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This is a smaller moss agate slab from Oregon.

We acquired it through the purchase of a large, old stock (three generations) collection from Prineville, Oregon.

These red/yellow, delicate moss agates are usually from the Ochoco Mountain area of Central Oregon.

The slab measures 3.5 x 2 inches and is .17 inches wide (4.32mm)

It is highly translucent.
There is a small druzy on one side and
light blue fortification agate in the center.

It is slightly thinner than the standard thickness of .25 inches.
Other than the softer rind area, the whole slab is useable.

The surface has a bit is saw chatter; nothing serious.
It would be fine for cabbing but might be a challenge to polish as a specimen.

It will take a high polish.

First photo is taken wet.

Please feel free to ask questions!