2UB Chrysocolla Azurite Silver Ore in Quartz for Lapidary



2UB is the phonetic word for “Bluebird” in Paiute (TooYooBe)

This material comes from our mine in Nevada.
The mine was primarily a gold mine in the 1930’s but it contains quite a bit of silver and copper
ore as well.
Chrysocolla and azurite are just a few of the copper minerals present.

This is a large slab at 6.75 x 5.5 x .28 inches at it’s widest points

2UB is not a beginner material if you plan to cab it.
It will polish nicely but the mixed densities of quartz (6) and metals (4.5 +/-) can make
It challenging.

There are 2 photos taken wet to simulate what it will look like polished and two dry photos.
I also included two photos that show which cracks would need to be stabilized if you plan to
polish it as a slab. The majority of the cracks you see are stable. Even some of the lighter ones
that look fragile will polish just fine giving your cab a very unique look.
I have polished a great deal of this material.

The very light blue spots might be too soft to cab as well.

Please feel free to ask questions!

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