Blue Mountain Jasper Agate Slab for Lapidary



A large slab of Blue Mountain Jasper.
The red area is AGATE.
No cracks or pits with exception to the tan, matrix area which is solid but has some softer pits.

This slab measures approximately 7 x 5 x .25 inches.

It is very hard and takes a high polish

This slab is very unique in that it contains a section of agate as well as jasper.
Red chalcedony ("agate") is not common.
This area cuts similarly to the jasper, making it relatively easy to cab.
The red tones mix into the jasper areas giving it a unique purple undertone.
The colors really come out once this material is polished.

This slab will make MANY high end cabochons or a single display piece.
The rough was so hard, that we had to restart the saw twice due to bogging.
The result is a very small kerf line in the middle of one side.
If you plan to polish on a flat lap, the kerf will be removed in the regular process and will not require any addditional lapping or prep work.
It really IS minimal, but I thought that I should mention it.
The rest of the slab is extremely smooth.

Photos show material both wet and dry.

Please feel free to ask questions