Jubilee Jasper Pink Jasper RARE Flame Jasper for Lapidary

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Jubilee jasper from our Oregon claim. This is a rare jasper that will have only a limited amount mined in the next few years.

This jasper comes in three varieties. This is the one we have dubbed Jubilee Flame.

While at first glance, you might think of it as a variety of moss agate, however, this material is not translucent with the exception of the bluish-white areas, which as very lightly so.

This slab is very smooth and highly silicated.
There are a few larger pits on one side that are very visible in the photo. They do not pass through the slab. On the other side there are some pin-prick sized pits that are very shallow. The entire slab is useable.

This material cuts beautifully and polishes to a high shine.
It is not difficult to work with and it’s density is consistent.

Measurements are approximate:
5 x 3 x .28 inches

The first two photos are taken wet

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