Jubilee Jasper Agate McDermitt Oregon Slab for Lapidary



Jubilee is a jasper/agate that comes from one of our claims in Oregon.

This material comes in several different qualities and combinations all of which are from the same vein. There is only one known vein of this material and it is limited.

This piece is what we call the “pink” variety. It is always a combination of pinks, peaches and orange tones mottled with bits of white or light blue agate.

This piece is smooth cut and solid. There is one, very small break off ridge and a few tiny, surface cracks.
Jubilee is a very hard jasper that is high in silica and takes a beautiful shine.

Measurements are approximate:
3.5 x 1.5 x .28 inches
89 x 38 x 7.1 mm
Mohs 7

The first two photos are taken wet.

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